In excellent news for fans, Melbourne’s love affair with the Espresso Martini shows no signs of waning. Not only is this caffeine-fuelled cocktail the star of many a happy hour drink deal, there’s also a swag of deliciously creative spin-offs popping up at bars all over town. Cocktail lists everywhere are turning out tantalising, new-school takes on the classic kickstarter, involving twists like liquid nitrogen, tequila, or even shochu. Get ready to break from tradition with our roundup of Melbourne’s most unique Espresso Martinis.
Maeve Fox Unique Espresso Martinis
When it comes to Espresso Martinis, you can consider yourself completely spoilt for choice at this cosy Richmond cocktail bar. Barstaff here are whipping up a whopping five variations, including the ultimate sweet tooth’s sip – The Orange Mocha Frappachino. This little number sees Cointreau and cacao blended with coffee, for a liquid take on the classic, choc-orange sweet.
Lover Unique Espresso Martinis
The modern Espresso Martini creation from late-night Windsor haunt Lover, is undoubtedly one of the prettiest sips going around. Aptly dubbed The Uncommon Espresso, this one rounds out a base of cold-drip coffee, coffee liqueur and vodka, with adventurous additions like chocolate bitters, pineapple syrup, and a vanilla and lavender foam.
Outrageously Good Espresso Martini @ The Noble Experiment Unique Espresso Martinis
As its name suggests, the Espresso Martini concoction being shaken up at The Noble Experiment is all kinds of wonderful. The Smith Street cocktail bar brings its version to life with a mix of Herradura Anjeo Tequila, fresh espresso, spiced agave nectar and a housemade spiced vanilla tincture.
Mr Miyagi Unique Espresso Martinis
Mr Miyagi’s Espresso Martini is a multi-cultural concoction that’s been jazzed up with the help of some signature Japanese flavours. The Chapel Street hot-spot’s Cold Drip Martini pulls together shochu, sake and vodka, with an added hit of cold drip coffee and decadent white chocolate foam. If this isn’t the perfect match to the kitchen’s contemporary Japanese fare, we don’t know what is.
Eau De Vie Unique Espresso Martinis
It’s not hard to see why Eau de Vie’s fancified Espresso Martini has been a cocktail cult icon for years. The acclaimed cocktail bar serves what it’s dubbed the Espresso Zabaione – your pick of vodka, rum or whisky, blended with coffee and maple syrup, then crowned with a liquid nitrogen-frozen cap of saffron and vanilla mousse. Grab your spoon and crack it open to reveal the deliciousness within.
Spice Market Unique Espresso Martinis
Spice Market’s iconic take on the Espresso Martini is all kinds of majestic – a creation so good-lookin’ you’ll almost feel guilty destroying it. It’s crafted on rich 666 Autumn Butter vodka, Tia Maria and Little Drippa coffee, then topped with house-made passionfruit marshmallow and a crown of Persian fairy floss. Oh, and did we mention the rim’s been dipped in decadent white chocolate and shredded coconut?
polepole & GLAMP Unique Espresso Martinis
The team at Polepole describe their house coffee concoction as the Espresso Martini’s African sister, so prepare your tastebuds for something a little bit exotic. This one’s a funked-up blend of Beach House’s spiced rum, Amarula cream liqueur, espresso and Crème de Mure that’s unlike anything else in town.
Transit Rooftop Bar Unique Espresso Martinis
Looking to take your love of the Espresso Martini to new heights? You’ll find yourself in excellent hands with Transit Rooftop Bar’s jazzed up take on the classic – a stately concoction befitting that impressive CBD view. This one’s a blend of El Jimador Reposado, Crème de Cacao, Butterscotch Schnapps, Frangelico, FAIR Café coffee liqueur and fair trade coffee – delicious, AND socially conscious to boot!
Signature Espresso Martini @ Riddik Unique Espresso Martinis
Templestowe Lower’s new all-day haunt has a serious knack for coffee, whether that comes in the form of a mid-morning latte or an after-work caffeinated cocktail. Here, you’ll find two supercharged Espresso Martini variations, including a sweet little sip made on 666 Butter Vodka, Code Black espresso, crème de café and a hit of Monin Honeycomb.
Salted Caramel Cracking Espresso @ Om Nom Unique Espresso Martinis
Acclaimed dessert bar Om Nom backs up its decadent culinary creations with some pretty outstanding signature cocktails. If you’re after a truly memorable caffeine hit, head straight for the Salted Caramel Cracking Espresso – a blend of vanilla-spiked vodka, Kahlua, salted caramel and cold pressed coffee, with a caramel niro-charged foam that’s frozen at the table. Crack the top and go for gold.
Turkish Coffee Martini @ Souk Unique Espresso Martinis
At the neon-drenched Souk, the Espresso Martini gets a modern, Middle Eastern twist. Here, the usual espresso is swapped for rich, Turkish coffee, then shaken up with vodka and a smooth coffee liqueur. Tempted? You’ll find them for the special price of just $10, during happy hour (4.30-6.30pm).
Vietnamese Espresso Martini @ Rice Paper Scissors Unique Espresso Martinis
Rice Paper Scissors and sibling venue Rice Paper Sister have given a grown-up edge to the decadent, sweet milk coffees of Southeast Asia. The Vietnamese Espresso Martini is a hit on both cocktail menus – get stuck into that lush mix of vodka, espresso and condensed milk, and you’re sure to find yourself dreaming of yet more overseas adventures.