Getting a little tired of your standard night out? Finding yourself fidgeting at work, craving sweets and laughing at inappropriate jokes? Then perhaps it’s time for you to give in and take your inner child out for a night on the town. We thought we’d write you a treasure map to the 15 best places that will spoil your inner child!

If you have a craving for chocolate, this is the article for you

Cafe Lounge
Cafe Lounge 15 Places to Spoil Your Inner Child
If you’re hoping for a causal, chilled, easy drinking vibe, head down to Cafe Lounge. The small bar is decorated with retro furniture in low lighting. Considering your inner child might be running low on cash, Cafe Lounge has your back with a happy hour from 5-7pm on weeknights. If your inner kid has the giggles, Monday night is a good-ol’ comedy night.
North Strathfield
Kingpin 15 Places to Spoil Your Inner Child
From bowling to booze, Strike Bowling has a great selection of games to keep you occupied. If you’re not up for a bowl, there’s always lazer tag or an awesome arcade section. Now, if you aren’t totally sold on all of the above, keep in mind they have cocktails and pulled pork burgers on the menu.
The Unicorn Hotel
The Unicorn Hotel 15 Places to Spoil Your Inner Child
Okay, so you probably shouldn’t show up to this trendy bar wearing dressups that include fairy skirts or animal ears… But, you can find an array of aAussie favourites on the food menu- including their yummy schnitzel, Jatz crackers and various tinnies. We haven’t sighted any horned horses but Friday nights get pretty packed,- so maybe your inner kid will find it’s unicorn after all.
9 Degrees Bouldering 15 Places to Spoil Your Inner Child
9 Degrees Bouldering Gym is the place for you to fulfil your childhood dream of becoming Spiderman. Bouldering is a type of rock climbing that is done without a harness(so bear that in mind). The gym has been set up in a warehouse space and features a cute little cafe at the entrance that has both snacks and delicious cold-drip-coffee. So spoil yourself, be healthy and trade the booze for exercise and protein balls.
Goros 15 Places to Spoil Your Inner Child
Goros might win the award for the most awesome makeover. This incredible little bar lets you have your Japanese whiskey and drink it too. Your inner child will be overwhelmed with the vast splashes of colour and figurines. Goros offers arcade games, karaoke, cocktails and an impressive selection of Japanese whiskey and Sake. For a drink that will satisfy your sweet tooth, try the bubble-tea cocktails.
Shady Pines Saloon 15 Places to Spoil Your Inner Child
Ever wanted to be a cowboy/cowgirl? Well, head down to Shady Pines saloon for some serious taxidermy, Johnny Cash and every whisky under the sun. The bartenders are friendly and they definitely know their stuff, so you’re definitely in good hands. For something different, try the ‘Mississippi Grind’ – mustard seed cachaca, verjuice, pineapple, whites, hot sauce and orange bitters.
The Lord Dudley Hotel 15 Places to Spoil Your Inner Child
This classic bar offers a great selection of craft beers, pub grub and board games. Let your inner child run wild with classic games such as Connect 4, Monopoly and Scrabble. Not to mention their amazing food (we’re talking stuffed zucchini flowers).
Chur Burger Surry Hills 15 Places to Spoil Your Inner Child
There is a good reason that Chur Burger is a household name… They make straight up awesome burgers. Pop over to the Surry Hills favourite and chow down on one of the giant-sauce-dripping burgers at Chur.
Holey Moley
Holey Moley 15 Places to Spoil Your Inner Child
Though it was sad to see the Newtown Social club close its musical doors, Holy Moley is officially open and bringing all the joy to your inner child. The venue brings on the booze infused, nostalgic experience of mini golf in a bar full of crazy decor. If you’re feeling a little peckish after stumbling around the 18-hole putt putt course, order yourself a generous serving of chicken wings, waffle fries or pork belly baos.
D’Munchies 15 Places to Spoil Your Inner Child
D’Munchies pays homage to your inner-child’s weird eating habits and your potential teenage stoner years. The concept of the restaurant was to combine stoner food with restaurant worthy dishes. Sure to cure you of the munchies, this dope little spot has a selection of incredible and whacky food combinations.
N2 Extreme Gelato 15 Places to Spoil Your Inner Child
N2 is a total crowd pleaser. The incredibly indulgent gelaterie brings an element of mad scientist to the tasty treats.The one stop gelato shop has a constant revolving menu, with flavours that aim to please. N2 hails its name from the chemical liquid nitrogen, with punters having their ice-cream frozen before their very eyes with real life liquid nitrogen.
Matcha Mylkbar
Matcha Mylkbar 15 Places to Spoil Your Inner Child
Matcha Mylkbar is the venue to make your inner child pop with excitement- the rainbow menu is instagram royalty, with blue algae lattes, matcha green buns and acai bowls. You’re sure to feel full of colour after a single visit.
Button Bar
Button Bar
Button Bar 15 Places to Spoil Your Inner Child
Set your Peter Pan complex free at Button Bar. The pirate themed venue was brought to the stunning streets of Sydney by the same guys who brought us Stitch. Get lost at sea, with some serious pizzas, cheese boards and a classic Knifey Spooney cocktail.
Tella Balls Dessert Bar 15 Places to Spoil Your Inner Child
If you were the kind of child who wanted dessert before dinner, Tella Balls is your kind of place. The insta-worthy milkshakes are topped with doughnuts, biscuits, or any other topping to satiate your sugar cravings. The best part is, you’re an adult and nobody can tell you what to eat for dinner. Even if it’s the Pastatella – housemade fettuccini style crepes, tossed in Belgian milk and white chocolate sauce.
Grandma's Bar 15 Places to Spoil Your Inner Child
Finally, after a long night of dancing, playing and drinking, it’s time for a nightcap. So before shuffling home to bed, pop past Grandma’s. The small bar is an oldie but a goodie- hidden away on Clarence Street and has a fantastic cocktail and wine list that you can enjoy while sitting on a floral couch, clad in a knitted blanket.