There’s nothing like a great themed venue to liven up your nightlife adventures. And it’s no secret that Sydney has some doozies to choose from – all across the city there are inspired boozers that you’re not going to find anywhere else. Impress your out of town friends with a very cool drinking spot, or simply break the monotony of your own late-night party style. Here’s our pick of Sydney’s best themed bars.
Shady Pines Saloon
Shady Pines Saloon Themed Bars
A dive bar pulled straight from some kitsch Western film, this Darlinghurst joint will have you feeling like you might just spy John Wayne sitting in the corner. From the same guys behind The Baxter Inn and Frankie’s Pizza, the lights here are dim and the vibe, low-key – a place where assorted taxidermy animal heads gaze wisely from the walls, as you sip your bourbon or your whisky apple cocktail. Expect top-notch drink concoctions, a soundtrack of country tunes and endless bowls of peanuts on the bar, in a setting that’s as grungy as it is fun.
The Smoking Panda Themed Bars
Here’s a take on retro Chinese that’s way cooler than that of your childhood memories. In the heart of the CBD, Smoking Panda fuses LA cool with old-school oriental charm, serving up a mash-up of Asian and USA-inspired cuisine, alongside expertly crafted classic cocktails and some downright snazzy signature sips. It’s a small bar with big attitude, so expect pink neon lighting and plenty of good times while you snack on your prawn popcorn and chicken katsu sliders. After work drinks, midweek dumplings or late-night cocktails – this little panda has you covered.
The Lobo Plantation Themed Bars
Named after a Cuban sugar baron, this Caribbean-themed bar is your destination for rum-soaked good times. You’ll find a whopping 250 varieties stocked behind the bar, and appearing in cocktails that are every bit as elegant as they are fun. To back up the rum, there’s a tight range of wines, a handful of brews and a tasty little menu of Caribbean and South American-inspired fare. Meanwhile, the decor is warm and lively, with a a mix of old photographs, palm fronds and lavish accents.
The Darlo Country Club
The Darlo Country Club Themed Bars
Taking its cues from the sleek and stylish country clubs of California, this Darlinghurst themed bar is your go-to for a healthy dose of LA luxe. Feel a little bit fancy as you settle in amongst the plush decor, sipping crafty cocktails and grazing your way through a snappy, share-friendly food menu. DJ’s set the tone for after-dark grooving, while the weekly Brunch Club sessions promise to get any Saturday off to a very classy start.
Jacoby's Tiki Bar Themed Bars
A nod to Twin Peaks’ own tiki fan Dr Jacoby, this popular Enmore themed bar is one of Sydney’s more unique. Inside, heady styling, some very loud shirts and a lineup of expertly-crafted tropical cocktails combine to transport you to some far-off vacation spot. Settle in with a tiki-style sip, or a crafty beer and let the holiday begin.
Fonzarelli's Themed Bars
Named in honour of everyone’s favourite Happy Days bad boy, themed bar Fonzarelli’s is a rockin’, rollin’ tribute to 1950’s America. Slip into a diner-style booth for a feast of burgers and classic cocktails, or let loose on the dance floor to some hip-shaking live tunes. On the drinks list, you’ll find crafty beers, clever signature sips and a hefty range of whisky.
The Carter Themed Bars
The Carter is the themed bar you never knew you needed in your life, inspired by New York, hip hop and the power couple that is Beyonce and Jay Z. It’s a little bit ritzy and a whole lot of fun, slinging US-accented fare, a hip hop-heavy soundtrack and some downright tasty cocktails. Swing by and watch those after-work drinks slip quickly into late-night dance floor sessions.
Holey Moley
Holey Moley Themed Bars
The theme across this stable of colourful venues, is undoubtedly ‘fun’. A multi-sensory mini golf course with a sports-themed cocktail bar on the side, Holey Moley Newtown is about as wild and wacky as they come. Play a few holes, crush some karaoke, then reward yourself with a few OTT cocktail creations from the Caddyshack Bar.