There’s no questioning Sydney’s obsession with the classic, caffeine-fuelled cocktail that is the Espresso Martini. Chic, delicious and a guaranteed party-starter, this little guy has to be one of our favourite weekend indulgences. And with clever variations popping up on drinks lists across the city, we can’t see ourselves getting bored of it any time soon! We’ve scouted out some of Sydney’s most unique Espresso Martinis – why not try one of these beauties tonight?
Tiramisu Martini @ Fratelli Fresh Unique Espresso Martinis
Coffee cocktail meets classic Italian dessert, for Fratelli Fresh’s seriously good Tiramisu Martini. Available at selected outposts, this signature creation features a tempting blend of Ketel One Vodka, espresso coffee, Kahlua and cream, that’s well worth skipping dessert for.
Metaxa Espresso Martini @ 1821 Unique Espresso Martinis
If you’ve ever wondered what the Greek version of an Espresso Martini tastes like, head on down to get your next caffeine fix at 1821. This plush Greek spot is serving up a winner with the Metaxa Espresso Martini – an exotic blend of 5yo Metaxa (a Greek spirit), espresso and Licor 43, with a sweet splash of baklava syrup thrown in for good measure. This one’s also available downstairs at sister bar Odessa.
Cookies & Cream Espresso Martini @ Firefly Unique Espresso Martinis
If it’s a decadent caffeine hit you’re craving, look no further than the Cookies & Cream Espresso Martini at Neutral Bay’s Firefly. As the name suggests, this one’s the dessert-inspired drink of your dreams, blending Eristoff Vodka, Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream, Mr Black coffee liqueur and fresh espresso, then dusted with an avalanche of ‘cookies & cream’ shavings.
The Obligatory @ Dead Ringer Unique Espresso Martinis
Dead Ringer’s take on the Espresso Martini is cheekily dubbed The Obligatory – a nod to Sydney’s well-documented and unapologetic obsession. And it’s an absolute ripper at that, crafted on aged tequila, cold drip coffee and maple syrup. Try it as an after-work pick-me-up, or go for gold and match one to the $35 weekend brunch menu.
Della Hyde Unique Espresso Martinis
Della Hyde’s chic interiors inspire elegant indulgence, and the snazzy cocktail list is chock full of tasty treats that’ll have you doing just that. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the hugely popular Hyde Espresso – made with espresso, vodka, salted caramel and coffee liqueur, then garnished with a smattering of caramel popcorn. Consider this one sweet tooth heaven!
Hacienda Sydney Unique Espresso Martinis
While Hacienda Bar’s Campfire Espresso Martini evokes fond memories of childhood camping trips, it does so in a super-chic, grown-up setting. Grab a plush seat overlooking the Harbour, and settle in with one of these cosy concoctions – a rich blend of marshmallow-infused vodka, marshmallow syrup, Kahlua and espresso coffee.
Espresso Zabaione @ Eau De Vie Unique Espresso Martinis
It’s no surprise that an award-winning cocktail bar renowned for its clever concoctions is knocking up a pretty stunning riff on the Espresso Martini. Eau de Vie’s Espresso Zabaione takes the classic coffee cocktail to fancy new heights; crafted with your choice of rum, vodka or whisky, and layered with a frozen cap of saffron and vanilla mousse. Crack the top open with a spoon and dive into heaven.
The Midnight Special Unique Espresso Martinis
Combining sugar and spice and all things nice, The Midnight Special’s take on the Espresso Martini is a very easy one to love. Swing by the cosy Newtown haunt to get your caffeine fix with the Espresso Baby – a silky smooth sip teaming salted caramel with cacao-infused vodka, espresso, and Xocolatl bitters.
The Sackville Hotel Unique Espresso Martinis
On The Sackville Hotel’s cocktail list, plenty of old favourites have been given a freshen-up, including the classic, caffeine-infused Espresso Martini. Here, it’s got some extra oomph and a sweet little edge, blending Absolut Vodka, Kahlua and cold-drip espresso, with coconut and some dreamy toasted marshmallow.
Toasted Coconut Espresso Martini @ Juanita’s Unique Espresso Martinis
Juanita’s tropical chic interiors are reflected in her signature cocktail list, where flavours like grilled pineapple and agave are sure to have punters dreaming of far-flung holiday destinations. Here, even the Espresso Martini gets an island twist, amping up the holy trinity of vodka, espresso and Kahlua, with a blissful infusion of toasted coconut. You’ll also find three more clever versions of the classic, next door at The Butler.
The Royal Leichhardt Unique Espresso Martinis
If you order an Espresso Martini at The Royal Leichhardt, you’ll find yourself faced with some pretty tough decisions. Will you opt for the sweetened-up signature version, featuring Vanilla Galliano and house-made vanilla syrup; will you choose to have it laced with dreamy salted caramel; or will you step things up a notch with an infusion of chilli Patron Incendio? Either way, you’re in for a treat.