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Where To Tonight has the most comprehensive, and customisable venue profiles available. Using your acclaimed venue dashboard to set up your profile users will be able to find you using over 70 unique search criteria on a night-by-night basis, including but not limited to facilities, functions, events, nightly specials, and more.

“Where To Tonight is perfect for marketing our nightly specials and one-off events. The back-of-house system is extremely easy to use which makes it simple and fast to update when I'm busy!” Millie Wood
Marketing Manager – Red Rock Leisure
Where To Tonight is the only service that perfectly balances providing a platform for users to find their perfect venue, and a City Guide where articles and guides get pushed to the users promoting events, venues, and nightly deals.

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In a very short time Where To Tonight has grown into the number 1 online platform for bars, pubs, and clubs in Melbourne.

Our audience is primarily made up of 25 – 35 year old males and females. These are young professionals with expendable income looking for new experiences, and the latest information about bars, pubs and clubs in Melbourne. All our City Guide articles are optimized for SEO and pushed to our social media accounts, which drives constant new and returning customers.


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Where To Tonight has gained a reputation among the venues of Melbourne for it’s outstanding customer service and willingness to work with venues to create custom marketing solutions. As an advertiser you will have the ability to reach our customer base through a multitude of pages both mobile and online.

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Where To Tonight is Sydney's most comprehensive nightguide, helping nightlife seekers going out, to find the best pubs, best bars, and best clubs across town. Next time you're going out in sydney, you can use Where To Tonight's powerful search engine to help you find your perfect night's entertainment. Rooftop Bars, Beer Gardens, Cocktail List, Pool Tables, Trivia Nights, Kareoke Nights, Steak Nights and so much more can be searched. And what's best is Where To Tonight is available on mobile!